Sailing Holiday in Zanzibar

People around the world always think “Safari” when the word Africa is mentioned.

Don’t get me wrong, Africa is a wonderful place to go and experience a game safari but there’s also the warm Indian ocean of the east coast of Africa that’s literally unexplored.

Some of the best scuba diving destinations of the world is located on the east coast of Africa.

You can also enjoy a sailing holiday in east Africa by renting a yacht charter, I bet not a lot of people ever thought of Africa as an Island Holiday destination. That’s where Zanzibar Yacht Charters come in.

Zanzibar Yacht Charters offer yacht charter holidays and vacations to the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia, Kilwa and Songa off the coast of Tanzania in east Africa.

On the yachts you can enjoy many activities such as scuba diving, fishing, island hopping as well as many other activities.

Whilst most visitors to the Zanzibar archipelago visit Unguja, commonly known as Zanzibar Island, few take advantage of the fact that this is an archipelago, with numerous other islands and islets to explore.

This region of the Indian Ocean offers some of the best, most undiscovered yacht charter destinations on the planet and we at Zanzibar Yacht Charters can help you experience them for yourself.

Click here to rent a yacht in Zanzibar and enjoy your sailing holiday in Africa

Rent a yacht in Zanzibar

Rent a yacht in Zanzibar


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Online marketer at Oceans, Islands and Safaris. OIS is a tour operator that specializes in creating tailor made journeys. Personally designed itineraries can combine wildlife safari experiences in Southern and East Africa with islands, yachts, water-sports, sailing, island hoping, fishing, diving, exploration, cultural interaction and discovery in areas where you wont be surrounded by hundreds of other tourists.
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